Germany Awaits!

The time has come! Thanks to an incredible opportunity through the Goethe-Institut available to STEM and social studies teachers called the Transatlantic Outreach Program, I’m headed to Germany for two weeks with other social studies teachers who are interested in learning about Modern Germany, and making a concerted effort to educate our students on modern issues in Europe and beyond. On Friday, I’ll be heading to DC for orientation, and then on Saturday, we’re off to Munich! The itinerary is comprehensive and varied–lots will get done in a seemingly short period of time! I’m hoping to post from every city, as well as about unique opportunities we experience along the way, but I’ll only have an iPad to do so, so please forgive typographical errors that you may find.

While there, we’ll tour a variety of German secondary schools, meet with quite a few German students and teachers, and tour German businesses as well. So here’s where you come in, loyal readers (all 7 of you!). I’m hoping to solicit some questions that you’d like answered about modern Germany. Send them my way here (in the comments), on facebook, via iMessage which I’ll be using while abroad (if you know me in real life!), or email
Looking forward to keeping you all updated on this adventure–for now, bis bald! (I hope that means see you later…if not, I apologize for anyone I offended in German!)
MC Lean


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